Brussels Sprouts

Original Score

Hart Media inc was asked to produce a series of stories highlighting the various public health initiatives that ProMedica is currently working on in our community. HART did a wonderful job making these commissioned pieces feel very human, filled with real emotion, natural storytelling, and deserving of their own short films. 

Promedica Stories - Episode 1 - Brussels Sprouts

This was a unique project for a number of reasons, but partly due to a serendipitous collaboration with a local barber, who appears in the film. Tawann Gaston visited our studio and recorded some incredible vocals that ended up guiding the overall composition of the score. With the creative repetition of these vocal motifs and phrases we were able to weave a continuity throughout the whole story that we feel is organic and special and completely tied to the narrative of the story. 

The challenge was to create something vulnerable and unique and ultimately something that the director liked more than the temp music. 
 By working with Tawann both onscreen and off, we were able to compose a score that felt authentic and original. And oftentimes that’s the case. We prove our worth by crafting something more uniquely tied to the story and personality of a piece than stock music can be.