We tell stories through sound


We create Award Winning original scores for filmmakers, brands and creative agencies. We are the music department you didn't know you had.


At Dream Louder, we are here to connect creatives and filmmakers with the perfect music. We work with those who stand for equality, inclusiveness and compassion. 

We are record collectors, synthesizer strangers, glasses of water drummers, sound designers, songwriters, composers and creative problem solvers. Through it all, we have learned to listen deeply and communicate clearly while creating imaginative and memorable music. We founded Dream Louder in 2018 as a way to tie all of the ways we interact with sound under one umbrella. We have worked with such brands and organizations as Adult Swim, Tito's Vodka, Levi's, HBO/VICE, UNICEF, Sennhesier, Purdue University, Benjamin Moore, Public Herald and Mark Ruffalo, College Humor and a ton more.

Let’s work together