Ebeid Childrens Hospital

Original Score

ProMedica partnered with the creative agency HART to head up the re-branding of the Toledo Children’s Hospital into what is now known as the Russell J. Ebeid Children's Hospital. As part of the campaign, they were asked to create a family of animated ads that were fun, friendly and geared toward not just parents, but to kids themselves, highlighting their commitment to being a holistic and family-centered facility. 

Dream Louder was brought on as composers and sound designers to create a consistent sonic identity throughout this animated series that felt gentle, whimsical and a bit magical. Through creative sound design, we were able to integrate the on-screen action into memorable musical moments. We growled like bears, created a unique sound effect for a fish, and turned a child’s description of a broken bone into a musical finger snap. The whole project was an opportunity to use our imaginations and musical problem solving to weave a continuity through each episode, in a way that makes the audience wonder when the next episode will come out.